Saturday, July 21, 2007

Arguments Against More Technology in the Classroom

In his book High Tech Heretic, Clifford Stoll (1999) says "You certainly can get an excellent education without a computer." I also believe that not everybody needs to be proficient in computers yet everyone should be exposed to them as part of their educational experience.

As it states in Instructional Technology and Media for Learning (Heinich, 2005), "it is not to say ...that instructional technolgy can replace the teacher, but rather that media can help teachers become creative managers of the learning experiece..."

See the link to the BBC article about decreasing technology in the classroom.

There is also the belief that too much technology in the classroom conflicts with the learning process. One point of view is to utilize technology in learning but remove it entirely from the classroom environment. For example, students can take mini-quizzes on required reading BEFORE the class meets and then during the actual class meeting time, there should be no technology used--only verbal discussions of the readings. See the link to "Removing Technology to Improve Learning."

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